Everything you should do in your twenties to avoid regret in later life


In your twenties, you might not feel the need to consider what life is going to be like in your thirties and forties but it seems as though there are some things you’re going to want to accomplish before it’s too late.

While there’s no single guide to life, users posting to a recent thread have shared some pretty useful advice that applies to all of us by exposing a list of things you should do in your twenties to avoid regrets later in life. 

From the things your future self will thank you for, to those you won’t physically be able to do as you get older, according to them, now is the time to plan for the next few decades.

One of the first subjects to be broached on the thread was marriage and how you should look for more in a lifelong partner than their looks.

“If you marry, marry someone because they are your best friend, you share a common philosophy on life, have common values, and want common goals in your future,” one person wrote.

“Don’t marry someone, primarily, because their ass looks good in jeans.”

A huge number of people also insisted that developing healthy habits like exercising, eating well, looking after your teeth, mental health and wearing sunscreen are all crucial.

“Habits made early tend to stick to you for life and by the time when you’re in your 30s or 40s, you’re already on auto-pilot,” someone explained.

Similarly, it might not be what you want to hear but lots of older folks said to be wise with your money. And, while it might not always possible for those faced with minimal wage and sky-high rents, these Reddit users say you will thank yourself later.

Advice From My 80-year-old Self – pictures Advice From My 80-year-old Self – pictures

“Start saving. Even if it is just a small percent of your income each month. If you have any sort of available funds just sitting in your bank account, truly consider it,” one person wrote.

Pragmatic advice aside, others encouraged the importance of developing hobbies and investing time in activities outside of work.

“One of the best ways to get through these doldrums is to have an interest you really care about outside of work, friends and family,” one person suggested. 

“Something that no matter how much your life sucks you can still do and find satisfaction and meaning in and nobody can take away from you.”

But, perhaps the most useful piece of guidance of them all was to live life at your own pace, to ignore pressures and to make your own story. 

“One person said, “Your 20s, particularly your mid to late 20s, are critical time to establish yourself. Make the best of it,” one person said.

Another agreed adding, “I think the main lesson here is to not compare yourself to others, as hard as it may be.


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