GTA 6: Online CV suggests work has begun on Grand Theft Auto sequel but actor denies it is real


, at least according to fans. But the actor at the centre of the rumour has denied it is real.

Excitement was triggered by an actor’s CV that appears to suggest he’s working on the much-anticipated sequel.

A CV apparently belonging to LA-based actor Tim Neff suggested that he was doing motion capture work on GTA 6, a detail that spread like wildfire across the internet. But a Twitter account belonging to the actor has said that the CV is not his, and that it was wrong to suggest he had been working on the title.

He said instead that he had worked on GTA 5 “a long time ago”, but that he didn’t even have an account on the site the CV was posted.

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It was just the latest in a set of leaks that suggested the game is at least being considered for release. Earlier this year, .

The recent reports come after users on the NeoGAF gaming forums found a resume belonging to actor Tim Neff. In that, he said that he was doing motion capture work on Grand Theft Auto 6 – a game that doesn’t officially exist yet.

The spot led to particular excitement because motion capture tends to be a relatively late part of the game designing process, suggesting that a game could be coming sooner than expected.

The online CV also mentions his work in Red Dead Redemption 2, a game that was revealed only this year. That game is due to come out sometime around the middle of 2018.

But Mr Neff suggested that he hadn’t worked on that game, either.

Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to prove hugely popular, despite being four years old. The game was the best-selling physical title in the first half of this year.

Update: This story has been edited to reflect the fact that a Twitter account apparently belonging to Mr Neff has denied any involvement in the new game.


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