Flatforms: The footwear trend thats taking ugly shoes to new heights


You’ve no doubt worn a pair of sky-scraping platforms in your time but how do you feel about their sister shoe, the flatform?

From pool slides to Crocs, it seems that every season there’s a new ‘ugly’ shoe trend to be coveted by the fashion crowd and, despite everything they go against, the flush clomper is being favoured by style gurus everywhere. 

Thick-soled and heavyweight, the Spice Girls’ go-to shoes are back and set to dominate your shoedrobe, but this time they’ve ditched their antiquated status in favour of of-the-moment updates like lace-up ribbon, metal hardware and slick graphic motifs.

Balmain daubed their chunky flatforms with glitter and metallic straps (Getty Images)

It’s a style that’s had designers veering towards chunky, clinical and somewhat orthopaedic-looking shoes with Versace opting to pair a collection that majored in outdoor activewear with the ultimate ugly pair of flatform sandals from cult brand Teva.

Similarly, Prada contrasted opulent marabou trimmed garb with an unlikely pair of dad sandals in shades of blue, orange, red and pink.

Satin Platform Sandals, £24.99,

Elsewhere though, some saw the hefty heel as an opportunity to test the limits of taboo style with Balmain daubing theirs with glitter while Dolce & Gabbana toted ornate floral embellishments.

The most interesting interpretation though came from Gucci where two-in-one flatform shoes separated to be worn separately. When removed from the flatform base by a buckle, the slipper-esque upper could be worn as a regular pair of pumps. 

Three-tone Wedge Platform Sandals, £49.99,

Despite their angsty undertones, flatforms are surprisingly versatile and of course, lend you a couple of extra inches which never hurts. 

To wear yours the grown up way, pair with anything from flyaway floral dresses to crisp tailoring for the perfect marry-up between comfort and style. 

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