New Nokia 3310 is tough, just like the legendary original


The has undergone a durability test, to find out how tough it is.

The handset was launched and released earlier this year as an updated successor to the legendary original, which is 17 years old and famous for being incredibly hard-wearing.

As well as sporting a new look, the 2017 model is much thinner, and has a camera and a colour screen – all factors that prompted suggestions that the new 3310 wouldn’t be especially durable.

Nokia 3310 Nokia 3310

However, it has passed a durability test carried out by well-known technology YouTuber .

The handset is made of plastic and therefore scratched easily, but the damage wasn’t extensive enough to damage the user experience.

The screen, which is made of plastic too, also picked up scratch marks easily, and its outer surface was disfigured after being exposed to a flame for around 20 seconds.

However, none of this mattered too much, as the screen isn’t touch-sensitive.  

In fact, plastic has the edge over glass in this instance, as it’s less prone to shattering after being dropped.

It fared well in the bend test too, remaining functional despite the pressure being applied to it, and keeping hold of all of its internal components

This had been a fear for many, since the new 3310’s removable back panel is surprisingly difficult to pull off, and flexes very easily under pressure.

The biggest criticism of the phone from testing was that its camera lens is also really easy to scratch, which wouldn’t be the case if Nokia has spent a little more on a glass, rather than a plastic, one. 

The phone went on sale in May, and .   

It’s designed as a festival or “weekend” phone but, while tempting, it isn’t the most sensible purchase you could make.


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