Birth photographer captures incredible moment a newborn is delivered inside its amniotic sac


An Australian birth photographer has shared a photo of the incredible moment a newborn baby was delivered inside its amniotic sac. 

Angela Gallo, a self-confessed birth nerd and photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, commits to serving women and their families to realising the full potential of childbirth.

But, during a recent birth experience the mother-of-two witnessed an ultra-rare occurrence that brought her to her knees – the delivery of a baby inside its amniotic sac.

“Remarkably and utterly amazed, humbled and awed by the miracle and magic of life and creation,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Today’s bundle of blessing twin ‘B’. My first ever en caul baby and it brought me to my knees.”

Gallo accompanied her caption with an image of the baby as it was being delivered.

Born at 32.5 weeks, both twins were successfully delivered vaginally but ‘twin B’ had an ‘en-caul’ birth which meant that it remained inside the entire amniotic sac.

A bag of fluid inside the womb where the unborn baby develops and grows, the amniotic sac is filled with a clear, pale fluid in which the infant moves.

The fluid helps to cushion the baby from injury as well as maintaining its temperature but typically the sac breaks down on its own during childbirth, which is more commonly known as a mother’s ‘water breaking.’

However, in extremely rare cases such as this the amniotic sac remains completely in tact.

Gallo’s moving post has since been liked more than 400 times with comments flooding in to remark on the extraordinary image. 

“Talk about amazing,” one person wrote.

“So much awesomeness here. A twin vaginal birth and one twin born en caul. What a photo and what a truly fascinating marvellous job you have.”

Another simply added, “Breathtakingly beautiful…so beautiful.”


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