How to cook the perfect steak according to Gordon Ramsay


Gordon Ramsay has revealed his method for cooking the perfect, juicy .

It goes without saying that the top chef first seasons the meat with salt and pepper on both sides. But what elevates his recipe is that he – hold onto your eyebrows – flambés the cut.

Ramsay, who is a judge on the US version of the competitive cooking show MasterChef, explains how to cook a steak in a characteristically tense video shared on his Facebook page. In it he says that after seasoning the steak on both sides in a dish, a splash of oil should be added to a pan. Then, placing the steak in the pan, he chucks in rosemary and a sprig of thyme and removes the meat to rest in a separate dish. 

The chef then adds butter, chopped mushrooms and garlic, to the pan. Ramsay then uses cognac to create a flame, which he places the steak into before adding a few spoons of stock and cream. 

As the sauce boils, he coats the steak. To serve, he tops it with fresh parsley. 

Even if you don’t have any interest in making a steak, we recommend you watch the video purely for the fact that it has a chilling soundtrack that wouldn’t be out of place in a crime thriller. It’s pretty entertaining. 

Ramsay’s definitive steak recipe comes after fellow top chef Anthony Bourdain revealed how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs. Bourdain’s secret is not beating the eggs to heavily, and splashing them straight into the pan rather them allowing them to sit. He also doesn’t add water, or cream. “It’s about the egg. You’re not making a quiche here,” he told Tech Insider. 


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